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MIRACULOUS 3-In-1 Enzymes Handmade Soap 神奇三合一酵素手工皂

MIRACULOUS 3-In-1 Enzymes Handmade Soap 神奇三合一酵素手工皂


Product Description

Formulated to deal with different types of skin problems with Natural Enzymes!
100% Natural, No Artificial Fragrance & Chemicals, & Odorless!
100% Handmade. Whole MAKING process takes 280 days = 9 months! All soaps are sterilised before packaging & delivery.
Come with a Soap Foaming Net. A general bar soap featuring herbal enzyme with honey.
*Note: Suitable for Wash Face, Hair, and Body. Promotes Hair Growth, Relieves Itchy Scalp, Dandruff, Scalp Ringworm, Hair Loss, Scalp Ulceration, & Any Types of Scalp Problems Use 1 - 2 times daily. Recommended to use it 3 times a day if having any types of skin/scalp problems. Lather up the soap before applying it. Rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes.
Shelf Life: 2 Years *Store out of sunlight in an indoor environment below 30 degree. Ingredients: Refreshing Enzymes Handmade Soap, Herbs Enzymes Handmade Shampoo Soap, Two Kinds of Herbs Enzymes Handmade Body Soap, Honey Herbs Enzymes, RO water
Come with a Soap Foaming Net~ Dimension: 75mm x 50mm x 22mm Weight: +- 90g *Purely handmade, thus color may vary.
【神奇】手工皂都是由自种自采自发酵的草本酵素制成。 其功效于改善和根治种种让人困扰的皮肤问题! 100% 全天然!100% 手工制作,且制作时间长达 280天 = 9个月! 无异味!无人工香精!无添加人工防腐剂、乳化剂等! 每片手工皂都是消毒后才包装出货的。 还附赠肥皂起泡网~ 三合一蜂蜜草本酵素手工皂 *注:可用于洗脸、洗头和冲凉 生发,头皮痒,头皮屑,头皮癣,防止脱发,头皮溃烂,各类头皮问题 平日使用 1 - 2 次。如有各类皮肤/头皮问题建议使用3次。请将手工皂搓揉至泡沫后使用,3分钟后冲水洗净即可。 保存期限:两年 请放置在30度以下的室内环境,避免接触阳光。 成分:清凉身体手工皂,中草药洗头手工皂,中草药身体手工皂,青草素身体手工皂,蜂蜜草本酵素,纯净水 附赠:肥皂起泡网 尺寸约 75毫米 x 50毫米 x 22毫米 重量约 90 克 *纯手工制作,若颜色上有差异均属正常。

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