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MIRACULOUS Chinese Herbal Enzymes Handmade BODY Soap 神奇中草药酵素身体皂

MIRACULOUS Chinese Herbal Enzymes Handmade BODY Soap 神奇中草药酵素身体皂


Product Description

Formulated with Natural Enzymes to soothe and relief different types of skin problems!
100% Natural !! No Artificial Fragrance & Chemicals, & Odorless! 100% Handmade. We took 280 days to produce a soap, a whole 9 months! All soaps are sterilised before packaging & delivery.
Come with a Soap Foaming Net.
Contains 89% honey herbal enzymes. Refreshing & Moisturizing! Suitable for Normal & Dry Skin
*Note: Suitable for Wash Face Ringworm, Acne, Whitening, Pale Spot, Moist, Relieves Itching, Prickly Heat, Skin Disease, Hand Dermatitis, Athlete's Foot, Dark Circles, Dispel Under-Eye Bag, Insect Bites, Pore Rough, Fever, Chapped Skin, Skin Ulceration, Clearing Heat, Wound Healing, Neck And Back Pain Use 1 - 2 times daily. Recommended to use it 3 times a day if having any types of skin problems. Lather up the soap before applying it to the body or affected area. Rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes. !! Attention !! It is normal if rashes or pimples appear after using the soap in the beginning. Please do not panic & keep using until those symptoms relieve and your skin conditions will be better.(However,those effects vary with different persons. )
Shelf Life: 2 Years *Store out of sunlight in an indoor environment below 30 degree. Ingredients: Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Camellia Oil, Honey Herbs Enzymes, RO Water Dimension: 75mm x 50mm x 22mm Weight: +- 90g
*Purely handmade, thus color may vary.
【神奇】中草藥酵素身體手工皂採用自采蜂蜜和自种草藥來发酵的草本酵素為基底而制成。 含有 89% 蜂蜜草本酵素。 清爽滋润!适合中性和干性皮肤使用。 其功效于改善和根治种种让人困扰的皮肤问题,如濕疹,各種癬症! 100% 全天然!无异味!无人工香精!无添加人工防腐剂、乳化剂等! 100% 手工制作,且制作时间长达 280天 = 9个月! 每片手工皂都是經消毒后才包装出货的。 每片手工皂还附赠肥皂起泡网~ *注:可用于洗脸 癣,美白,痘痘,淡斑,滋润,止痒,热痱,皮肤病,富贵手,香港脚,黑眼圈,消除眼袋,蚊虫咬伤,毛孔粗大,发烧退热,皮肤龟裂,皮肤溃烂,凉血功能,伤口愈合,颈肩酸痛 平日使用 1 - 2 次。如有各类皮肤问题建议使用3次。请将手工皂搓揉至泡沫后均匀涂抹在身体或患处,3分钟后冲水洗净即可。 !!注意!! 初期使用若身体或脸上出现疹子或痘痘,均属正常反应,请持续使用至症状消失,同时你的肤质将会变得柔嫩光滑。(症状因人而异) 保存期限:两年 请放置在30度以下的室内环境,避免接触阳光。 成分:棕榈油,橄榄油,椰子油,米糖油,甜杏仁油,鳄梨油,向日葵油,山茶花油,蜂蜜草本酵素,纯净水 尺寸约 75毫米 x 50毫米 x 22毫米 重量约 90 克 *纯手工制作,若颜色上有差异均属正常。

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