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BNC Black Sesame Powder 純黑芝麻粉 450g

BNC Black Sesame Powder 純黑芝麻粉 450g


Product Description

BNC Black Sesame Powder. 
佳營 純黑芝麻粉

It contains iron, calcium, unsaturated fat, lecithin and protein. It helps to fortify kidney, strengthens liver, lungs, improves milk production and memory. It also helps to reduce constipation, prevent anemia, bone deterioration and minimize mental fatigue.
Ingredients: Pure Black Sesame Powder, sugar free
Instruction: It can be mixed with ice, cool, warm, and hot water only, or add in milk, soya milk and other organic products according to personal flavor.

Black sesame power Contains 6 times of calcium then milk and 3 times of iron then spinach. 
含有比牛奶高 6 倍的鈣質,與比菠菜高 3 倍的鐵質。
Prenancy first Choice as natural Calcium source. 孕婦首選的天然鈣質補充品。
Vitamin E contains is the most among all plant. 
維他命 E 是植物之首。


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