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GOLDEN FARM Dragon Fruit Enzyme 5OOml

GOLDEN FARM Dragon Fruit Enzyme 5OOml


Product Description

Enzymes are unique complex proteins that are an important medium for metabolism and other chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes have the ability to turn potential nutrients into available ones. However, each enzyme only works on one specific substance, so the lack of enzyme could interrupt the metabolism of a particular organ and lead to health problems.Enzymes can only be found in raw food. However, we do not usually consume raw food, and even if we do, we would have to consume a wide range of different  food and this may not be practical or medically advisable. The safest way to maintain your enzyme levels is to consume The Dragon Fruit Enzyme.

If you are experiencing tiredness, constipation, bloating stomach or live on overcooked and processed food or lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you probably need to increase your enzyme intake as cooking or processing food destroy enzymes, while smoking and stress from an imbalanced lifestyle inhibit enzymes from functioning properly. As a result, you will require more enzymes to aid your digestion process. The best way to increase your enzyme levels is to replenish them from external sources.

Yes, in fact, pregnant women require more nutrients in their body to sustain both themselves and their foetus. This external consumption prevents enzymes stored in the body from rapid depleting and helps balance the distribution of metabolic enzymes in both the mother and the foetus.

It is recommended that you take 30cc/ml of The Dragon Fruit Enzyme a day. It can be consumed directly or mixed with fruit juices. Taking The Dragon Fruit Enzyme before meals can also help to reduce weight, while taking it after meals can aid the underweight and people with weak digestions.

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