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100% Natural Pure Stingless Bee Honey / Kelulut (550g) (Malaysia)

100% Natural Pure Stingless Bee Honey / Kelulut (550g) (Malaysia)


Product Description

Kelulut Honey or Trigona honey is not honey made from a flower called kelulut, or trigona, but by a small bee called trigona. The floral source can be any flower so the honey is usually multifloral.
Trigona is a bee smaller than Apis mellifera – our common honey bee, is stingless and has a different life.
But they do have a queen, drones and many sterile workers – just like colonies of commercial honeybees.
There are lots of stingless bees in the world, about 500 species. As the name says, they are stingless, though they do have a stinger, only that is so vestigial that has lost its defensive function. Some species are extremely calm even when somebody threatens their nest, but some of them become really aggressive and bite continuously even until they die (as it is the case with Trigona hyalinata, an aggressive bee with 10 teeth, a highly suicidal bee).
In Malaysia there are many species of stingless bees, though honey can be collected only from some. The most popular is Trigona thoracica which gives us what Malaysian call kelulut honey or trigona honey.

Health benefits of Trigona honey (kelulut honey)
Traditional claims of the health benefits of Trigona honey, summarized by Barakhbah S. A. et al. in 2007, include:
· anti-ageing,
· enhanced libido,
· enhanced immune system,
· fighting bacteria,
· treating bronchial catarrh,
· treating sore throat, coughs and colds,
· smoothing pain,
· restoration after an illness,
· antiseptic,
· cures burns, carbuncle, boils and diabetic wounds.

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