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Basmathi Rice (1kg) (India)

Basmathi Rice (1kg) (India)


Product Description

The "King of Rice". A highly aromatic grain that is long and elegantly thin. It is primarily grown in Paddy Fields  in the footfills of Himalayas .
Basmati has originated from Vasumati which means earth recognized by its fragrance; while the full exposition of the word is from Hindi.Bas originating from Prakrit Vas which has a sanskrit root- Vasay connoting aroma; and mati from mayup meaning ingrained from the origin. Common usage has changed Vas to Bas while joining bas and mayup the latter changed to mati. Thus the word Basmati originated.

Health Benefits of Basmati:
1.The Basmati is said to prevent the formation of cancer cells.
2.It is astorehouse of vitamins and fibres. The outer layer of the rice is most nutritious, and hence it should not be removed to gain maximum benefits.
3.The rice is also a good source of carbohydrates and keeps one feeling full for a longer duration.
4.Basmati is agreat option for diabetic people since it has a low sugar release.
5.It helps in preventing Haemorrhoids
6.Basmati is the best option for people who wish to keep a watch on their weight since it has high fibre content.
7.It is considered good for cardiac patients since it is low in cholesterol.
8.It is also helpful in fighting against constipation.
9.It prevents chances of colon cancer.

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